PVCu & aluminium frame windows

Alpha Windows sell and install quality PVCu and Aluminium frame Windows…

We provide the right windows for any home, however modest or prestigious, whether it’s located in the town centre or in the heart of the country.

Since we are not manufacturers we are able to offer three ranges of windows covering every aspect required. This provides you as a customer with more flexibility. Because of what we are able to offer you, we can incorporate curved heads, faced fixed Georgian grills and bell Canopies and so on. These features all help to complement and enhance your windows.

The added advantage of upgrading on your home with our energy efficient selection of windows means that you will ultimately save on your energy bills.

We can assure you that our elegant range of windows on offer, will transform your home.

Energy Rated Windows

Energy efficient windows help to minimise heating/lighting costs and ‘environmentally friendly’

Energy Saving Recommended Windows achieve BFRC rating of C or above and are recommended by the Energy Saving Trust.

The BFRC rating label is similar to the label used on new domestic white good, e.g. fridges.

PVCu Doors do not have a BFRC rating, however this is likely to change in the near future.

BFRC ratings, unlike ‘U’ values, take into account solar heat gain as well as heat loss.

Energy performances of windows can be compared BFRC ratings (British Federaton Rating Council part of Glass and Glazing Federation)

For more information regarding Energy Rated Windows you can contact the following websites www.bfrc.org and www.energysavingtrust.org.uk